Bookings and Cancellations | Adobo




  1. For regular tours, we need a minimum of 3 (three) guests. If this number isn’t met, we may have to reschedule or cancel altogether. You will be contacted by email at least 2 (two) days prior to the tour for any changes. (Please make sure our emails won’t be sent to your spam folder)
  2. We like our tours to be intimate and interactive, so we will limit each tour to 10-12 (ten to twelve) people.
  3. If you wish to cancel, a full refund will be given if you gave us notice at least seven days prior to tour date. A cancellation done within 3-6 days prior to tour date will be given a 50 percent refund. 1-2 days no refund.
  4. A no show or tardiness on the actual food tour date will not be given a refund or discount.
  5. For any rescheduling or cancellations done on our end, we will give you the option to reschedule or receive a full refund.
  6. Light rains occasionally occur, as we are a tropical country. We will provide umbrellas on such occasions during a tour. However, if we do experience an extensive heavy downpour, we may have to reschedule. Refunds will also be an option.
  7. We require our guests to inform us of any food allergies and dietary restrictions upon booking. We can not commit to all food restrictions but will do our best to adjust.
  8. If you have pre-existing medical conditions, please take into consideration that this is a walking tour. You are responsible for yourself and your own safety.